John Armstrong - Bio.

As a seasoned photographer and former concert pianist, I’ve spent my life immersed in the world of art and creativity. My journey began with the delicate touch of ivory keys, but it was through the lens of a camera that I discovered my true passion.

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a quiet afternoon in the park, let’s compose your visual masterpiece together. Contact me today, and let the melodies of life unfold through my lens.

My camera is an extension of my soul. I master the technical intricacies so you can focus on being in the moment.


  • Portrait Photography: 
    Whether it’s a candid smile or a soulful gaze, I specialize in capturing the essence of individuals.

  • Event Photography: 
    From weddings to corporate galas, I freeze time so you can relive those precious moments.

  • Landscape Photography: 
    Nature’s symphony unfolds through my lens, from misty mountains to sun-kissed beaches.

  • Product Photography: 
    Let your products shine with captivating visuals that tell their unique story.

  • Fine Art Photography: 
    My artistic eye transforms everyday scenes into captivating masterpieces.


Although I do get booked up reasonably far in advance, I am often able to be flexible and accommodating in cases of urgency. Contact me to find out more.